St Luke’s Hospital has a specially-designed dementia ward. Members in the multi-disciplinary care team have a passion in dementia care and are trained in the care of persons with dementia and their caregivers. The multi-disciplinary team manages an enhanced dementia programme with engaging activities for patients, such as communal lunches, gardening, and art and craft activities.

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Looking back with thanks

Ong Tiong Yeng’s mother, Mdm Yung Lam, had her first stroke in 2007 and was admitted to St Luke’s Hospital. She later developed dementia and pneumonia, and passed away in October. About a month later, Mr Ong visited the hospital.

He wanted to thank St Luke’s Hospital for looking after his mother through the years. With dementia, Mdm Yung Lam was restless and could stay up the whole night. During challenging times, Mr Ong would approach Mdm Yung Lam’s doctor, Dr Chong Tsung Wei (left) for advice. On another admission, with the help of doctors and nurses in the dementia ward, she was able to sleep through the night. When discharged, she also received care from St Luke’s Outpatient Clinic.

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