St Luke’s Hospital has a specially-designed dementia ward. Members in the multi-disciplinary care team have a passion in dementia care and are trained in the care of persons with dementia and their caregivers. The multi-disciplinary team manages an enhanced dementia programme with engaging activities for patients, such as communal lunches, gardening, and art and craft activities.

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Love is patient

“Sometimes, she calls me Mother,” said Ivy Koh about her mother Mdm Ng.

Mdm Ng was diagnosed with dementia in 2017. Her behaviour changed and she became a “stranger” to her children. Sometimes, she refused to do things that she used to do. She even lost interest in things she used to enjoy. She fell often, said things that did not make sense, and became easily frustrated and anxious.

Hear Ivy’s journey as she made changes to her life for her new “daughter”.

Go-To Point

St Luke’s Hospital is a designated Go-To Point (GTP). GTPs are touch points within the community that serve as resource centres to provide information and useful resources on dementia and link those who need help with the relevant dementia-related services.

GTPs also serve as “safe return” points where members of the public can bring persons with dementia who may appear lost and are unable to identify themselves or their way home.

GTP partners are familiar with the means to identify the person who has been brought to them and will assist to reunite them with their caregivers. They may also link persons with dementia and their caregivers with the appropriate dementia-related services and resources.

If you are with a person with dementia who appears lost, please accompany them to our hospital. You may approach the security guard, service ambassador or accompany them to St Luke’s Community Clinic (during office hours) or Ward 1D (after office hours). Our hospital staff will attend to you.