St Luke’s Hospital has a multi-disciplinary palliative care team, working in a dedicated palliative care ward. The team works with patients and caregivers to provide quality of life and alleviate suffering, helping patients to live well before leaving.

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Our palliative patient journey in photos

Caring for patients to the very end

At St Luke’s Hospital, a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and pastoral care staff work together in a dedicated palliative care ward to bring care, comfort and dignity to patients in their last days.

Mdm Wong (not her real name) managed to cook a plate of fried rice for her husband at St Luke’s Hospital kitchenette, before she passed on. She had been cooking for her husband all these years. She wanted to cook for him one last time. Her wish came true.

Another patient also wanted to cook. Her therapists organised cooking sessions for her, bringing her joy. Her recipes are being compiled into a book as part of her legacy.

When a patient’s family was absent in his last moments, nurses took turns with his helper to hold his hand, assuring him he would not die alone.

The team also supports caregivers. For example, one patient’s daughter was grief-stricken after her father died. She still visited the hospital as her mother was a patient. The daughter told the pastoral care staff who had cared for her father that she did not dare to enter her father’s ward because of painful memories. The staff encouraged and accompanied her to the ward. She saw there were new patients there. The staff affirmed her observation, and assured her she could close that chapter in her life and look forward to new things. The daughter cried and found the closure she needed to move on.