Rehabilitation at St Luke’s Hospital, with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, helps patients regain their ability to carry out activities of daily living, such as balance and walking, feeding, speech and toileting, eg after stroke, operation and amputation. Rehabilitation, whether as inpatients or outpatients, also helps to restore functional ability or delay deterioration due to disease and ageing.

Our “high tech, high touch” approach helps patients recover. St Luke’s Hospital is the first hospital in Singapore with the G-EO System, with electrical stimulation to help patients regain their ability to walk.

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A magic touch

Malathi Magdalene had knee surgery for both legs. She chose rehabilitation at St Luke’s Hospital after her brother, who had experienced its care first hand, recommended the hospital.

When Magdalene was admitted to St Luke’s Hospital, she had to use a wheelchair and depended on nurses for much of her daily activities. She noticed from the way the nurses worked that it was “not just a job” to them.

Magdalene also worried whether she could walk again. “But on the very first day of therapy, my confidence was built up,” she said. “The therapists helped me bend my knees and I progressed very fast, which I didn’t expect.”

Physiotherapist Tang Wei Mun monitored Magdalene’s progress and challenged her to recover faster. Magdalene said, “If I could do 20 (exercise repetitions), she would tell me to do 30. The moment she knew I could do it, she would push me further.” By the third week of her stay, Magdalene was able to walk on her own. She told Wei Mun, “You motivated me a lot. It’s like you’ve got a ‘magic touch’.”

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Magdalene with Physiotherapist Wei Mun. Magdalene was able to walk on her own by the third week of her stay.