A pioneer in wound care, our dedicated wound care team helps patients increase their quality of life.

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Keeping his leg and his smile

It started with a cut, but Koh Lim Chai almost lost his entire leg.

Mr Koh, a diabetic, had a cut on his leg. Infection set in and partial amputation was needed. There was more bad news: the infection spread and amputation of his lower leg was advised. Then a lorry driver, it was unthinkable how he could continue working if he could no longer walk.

His daughter’s former teacher recommended that Mr Koh ask St Luke’s Hospital for help to save his leg, and he did. By the time he arrived, it seemed he was losing the race against time. The wound was foul smelling and dark coloured, and he had been in pain for three months.

At St Luke’s Hospital, Mr Koh retained his leg, which returned to its pinkish colour. He also regained his smile.

Mr Koh praised his nurses’ dedication and skillful care and said: “St Luke’s Hospital is like a family to me.” Besides coming back for follow-up outpatient treatment, Mr Koh also volunteers, helping other patients by doing art and craft, and cooking with them.

A pioneer in wound care, St Luke’s Hospital has a dedicated wound ward to care for patients with complex wounds. It also trains other healthcare institutions in wound care, with its intermediate wound management course accredited by the European Wound Management Association. In 2017, the Agency for Integrated Care awarded St Luke’s Hospital Wound Centre a tender to conduct wound courses.

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