Inpatient Services & Facilities

St Luke’s Hospital is well-equipped with a wide range of services and facilities for all patients. Our wards are staffed by multi-disciplinary care teams that comprise doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, medical social workers and pastoral care staff.

Join us on this tour, to take a look inside our hospital as we introduce our inpatient care.

General Wards

Patients who require rehabilitation care or sub-acute care may be warded in our general:

  • Rehabilitation care: for patients who require assistance to work on their physical function through physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or other forms of therapy, before reintegrating into the community.
  • Sub-acute care: for patients recovering from sub-acute medical conditions, and require an additional short-term period of medical stabilisation, nursing and therapy-focused care.

We have a total of seven general wards. A multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists and other allied health professionals cares for patients in each ward.

In addition, we have specialist services provided by Visiting Consultants

  • Orthopaedic
  • Cardiology
  • Geriatric medicine
  • Neurology
  • Psychiatrist
  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Palliative physician
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Wound Ward

Wound care is a major reason why patients are referred to St Luke’s Hospital. Some examples of wound conditions may include diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries, venous or arterial ulcers, surgical, traumatic and other wounds.

Our dedicated wound ward with 24 beds consists of a multi-disciplinary care team comprising doctors, wound-trained nurses, therapists, dieticians and other allied health professionals.

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St Luke’s Community Wound Centre

St Luke’s Hospital cares for patients who require wound care. In 2016, we set up a community wound centre. It aims to be a one-stop resource centre that provides integrated wound care management, builds wound care knowledge and capability for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers through education and training, reinforces wound care practices in nursing homes, shares best practices amongst industry experts and measures care outcomes through research.

Dementia Ward

St Luke’s Hospital has a specially-designed 26-bedded ward. Members in the multi-disciplinary team are trained in the care of persons with dementia. In addition to clinical and rehabilitation care, the multi-disciplinary team manages an enhanced dementia programme with engaging activities for patients such as cooking, gardening, communal meals, festive celebrations, and creating a life book. Art and Music Therapy are also available, depending on patients’ needs.

Within the ward, there is a courtyard which provides a safe space for patients to enjoy outdoors activities.

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Palliative Ward

St Luke’s Hospital has a multi-disciplinary palliative care team and a dedicated 16-bedded palliative care ward.

The team cares holistically for mind, body and spirit to comfort and provide the best quality of life possible for patients, helping them to live well before leaving.

Our facilities and activities include:

  • Private room available for family discussions  – temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19 safe management measures
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Capturing memories through photo taking
  • Celebration of festivities
  • Creating a Legacy book
  • Art and Music therapy
To find out more about palliative care, download our brochure:

Inpatient Gym

Rehabilitation helps our patients regain their ability to carry out day-to-day activities (i.e. balancing and walking, feeding, speech and toileting). Depending on the patient’s conditions and needs, our therapists will provide an individualised therapy programme that will facilitate safe discharge back to home.

Our inpatient gym is equipped with mobility training devices such as the G-EO System and robotic exoskeleton which are used for suitable patients. In our inpatient gym, we also have supported ambulation system. This system provides a safe ambulation environment for both therapist and patient. Without the fear of falling, patients can focus more fully on their tasks of gait and balance.

We offer simulations within the Inpatient Gym to help patients regain confidence upon discharge. They are:

  • “Supermarket” corner – prepares patients whose goal is to be able to do grocery shopping upon discharge
  • “Traffic light” simulation – helps patients gauge their speed of walking
  • Simulated toilet training – for caregivers to help patients with their daily needs

Inpatient Pharmacy

Our inpatient pharmacy provides the following services:

  • Dispensing of medications
  • Medication reconciliation to optimise patients’ clinical conditions
  • Medication review
  • Medication counselling to provide patients knowledge about their medications