Supporting Services & Amenities

Medical Social Work Services

When patients fall ill, besides good medical care, psychosocial care is important too. Our medical social workers support patients and their families in the recovery journey through the following ways:

  • Psychosocial support and counselling
  • Linkages to community support services
  • Financial assistance and application to available healthcare financing schemes

Pastoral Care

The emotional and spiritual needs of our patients are important.

Our pastoral care team provides a listening ear, giving space for patients to share their feelings and in the process often lifting their spirits.

Through regular ward visits, our pastoral care team makes their presence felt amongst patients. Pastoral care is available to all patients and families, regardless of race, nationality or religion.

Our pastoral care team supports those who:

  • want a friendly, non-judgemental listening ear
  • have issues to discuss or are concerned about
  • have concerns about their recovery
  • want a companion for prayer
  • are feeling alone, worried, sad or confused
  • need emotional support

Care Coordination Services

When patients are discharged home, our care coordinators will follow up with them via phone call or home visit to ensure that they are coping well at home. They provide support in the following ways:

  • Ensure that patients adhere to their medication plan and attend medical appointments
  • Assess patients’ physical and medical conditions
  • Provide caregiver education
  • Refer patients to additional community support services, if necessary

Supporting Services & Amenities

Chapel 2


A quiet place for reflection. Chapel services are also conducted for patients, families and staff.

herb garden

Herb Garden

Located on the third floor of the hospital, the herb garden allows patients to participate in the leisure activity of gardening, keeping them motivated in rehabilitation. Leisure activities provide an avenue for meaningful communication with others, opportunities to make decisions and help develop self-determination.


Koi Pond

Located on the first floor of the hospital, the koi pond is a spot of beauty and tranquillity within the hospital grounds. Patients can enjoy a quiet moment with their loved ones amidst the greenery and running water to take pace and appreciate the atmosphere.