SLH Health and Wellness Committee (HealthClub) Awarded Best Oral Presentation at HQSS Quality Forum 2022

SLH Health and Wellness Committee (HealthClub) was awarded the best oral presentation for their project themed “Healthy Mind, Joyous Work” at the HQSS Quality Forum 2022, which ran from 29 – 30 July 2022.

Improved mental well-being increases productivity, job satisfaction and employee retention. HealthClub implemented a set of initiatives for employees at St Luke’s Hospital to achieve optimal physical, mental and social well-being during the pandemic.

Some of the initiatives include “Me 2.0 Challenge”, a creative initiative which utilise gamification, self-empowerment, education and support to prompt staff to self-monitor and record their habits for sleep, diet and exercise; and support one another through videos, words of encouragement and photos in a group chat.

The committee also launched “Dear Diary”, an online platform where employees shared their concerns, which were anonymously circulated to the senior management or counsellors for follow up. This was also supplemented by virtual talks on topics such as stress management and insomnia.

The impact of the various initiatives on stress levels, satisfaction and health outcomes was measured through quantitative surveys. In a recent corporate staff health screening, the hospital saw an overall decrease in abnormal LDL from 38% (2020) to 26.03% (2021).

“We are glad to have the opportunity to share our initiatives with other healthcare organisations, cross-pollinating our seeds of learning “with” and “from” each other. We are thankful for the support of our CEO, committee and NUHS team for making this project a success,” said Su Anqi, Senior Nurse Educator and HealthClub Committee Member.

The HQSS Quality forum, organised by the Healthcare Quality Society of Singapore, serves as a platform to highlight new healthcare quality initiatives and opportunities and sharing from leading healthcare quality professionals from local and overseas experts on the various themes including Resilience, Burn out and Wellness; Value Healthcare; Continuous Improvement; and Innovation and Technology.