St Luke's Academy

Appointed as a Learning Institute by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in 2018, St Luke’s Hospital has since been keenly involved in the growth and development of healthcare professionals in Singapore in support of the community care sector.

In order to better fulfill our mission, St Luke’s Academy was set up to promote and oversee matters related to healthcare education, research and innovation, with an emphasis on the following areas:

Education & Training

In line with SLH’s vision of transforming community care, we invest actively in building staff capabilities in the community care sector as well as provide attachment opportunities for students to enhance their clinical and communication skills. As a long-established provider of community care services, SLH is well-placed to share its experience and expertise with the wider community as the sector grows in importance.

SLH regularly conducts AIC-approved courses for staff in the Community Care Sector, including, refresher training and clinical attachment for Medical, Nursing, Rehab and Pharmacy students from Institutes of Higher Learning.


Research is one of the key pillars of the Academy as we believe that research activities promote an inquisitive mindset which is central to bringing about improvements in our current models of care. We believe that evidence-based research can positively impact clinical care, leading to better holistic care for patients.

SLH conducts research in-house as well as through collaborations with other institutes. Undertaken by our own clinicians, SLH’s in-house research is conducted through our own internal research institute including our own Institutional Review Board (IRB). External research is often undertaken in collaboration with Institutes of Higher Learning such as, DUKE-NUS, SIT, Restructured Hospitals e.g. NUHS, A*STAR, Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS), Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore (RRIS), Social Service Agencies (SSAs).


St Luke’s Hospital formed an Innovation Strategic Workgroup to encourage and embrace a collaborative and sustainable culture of innovation. Driven by organisational purpose and strategic foresight, the key thrust of the Innovation Strategic Workgroup is to bring added value to and with communities.

Two critical success factors are being constantly promoted to all staff within SLH:

  1. Human Capital Development – To invest in the growth of staffs’ mindset by developing relevant skills to drive innovation
  2. Promoting a Culture for Innovation – To continuously adopt a growth mindset that embraces change

Through our efforts in innovation, SLH’s long-term objectives are to develop and deliver new or improved processes, services, technologies and systems in response to unmet needs in the communities.


St Luke’s Academy pledges to share our knowledge and experience with our stakeholders to help reinforce patient care and build capability development for the community care sector. 

Terms & Conditions

Applicable for Intermediate Long-Term Care (ILTC) organisations only. The approved courses under the St Luke’s Academy eligible for AIC course fee subsidy, based on prevailing subsidy rate of up to 90% for Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents and 45% for work pass holders.

Course Confirmation
Participants will be notified of the course status by email 2 weeks before the scheduled commencement date of the course.

Course Certification
Upon completion, participants with minimum of 75% attendance will receive an E-certification of Participation. For Nationally-Accredited Courses, participants will not receive the E-certification if he/she fails the assessment.

All cancellations must be done in writing to the St Luke’s Academy. Replacement of participant is permitted and encouraged.

In the event of cancellation with no replacement and is less than five (5) work days prior to the commencement of course, the participants’ organisation is subjected to the payment of the full course fees.

Important Note
St Luke’s Academy reserves the rights to alter the rules & regulations, course contents, class schedules and fees structures without prior notice and reject any application under any circumstance.