Staff Nurse (Home Care)


A.    Home base Patient Care

1.    Home Nursing Care Plan

  • Assess on the general health condition of client & record in care plan
  • Assess on social history – financial constraints and make necessary referral / recommendation.
  • Assess home environment – make necessary referral / recommendations.
  • Advise client or care-giver on the plan of care to ensure continuity of care.
  • Anticipate and resolve problems where possible otherwise refer to supervisor.
  • Document visit observations, procedure and actions plans accurately within 1 workday post visit
  • Import and upload wound images, home vital signs recording as necessary

2.    Nursing Procedure

  • Wound dressing and management (including NPWT),
  • Change and management of indwelling urinary catheters (IDC)
  • Change and management of nasogastric feeding tubes (NGT)
  • Management of Stoma/s and its appliances
  • Perform Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) as necessary
  • Medication packing and reconciliation
  • Flushing of PICC lines and site dressing change
  • Oral and Tracheostomy suctioning

3.    Health Education  

  • Customised caregivers’ training as appropriate and necessary for safe or improved care

4.    Referral

  • Liaise with RHSO team, AIC, other community service provider as necessary 
  • Customised caregivers’ training as appropriate and necessary for safe or improved care   

5.    Patient review

  • Plan routine homecare visits as per acuity and need
  • Respond to sub-acute needs as necessary in a timely manner
  • Conduct joint-visit with Home Medical doctor as necessary on case by case basis

6.   Management of Resources

  • Able to care, maintain and monitor the availability and usage of supplies and equipment 
  • Evaluate new equipment as requested by HOD for possibility of care and  functional improvement of person needing care (PNC)

B.    Caregiver

  • Build therapeutic relationships and empower caregivers for self-management through training and support
  • Assess training needs and implement in a systematic manner after discussion with Caregiver and Next of Kin of PNC
C.    Administrative Duties

  • Secondary coverage for outpatient clinics (1 Saturday per month 0830 to 1230)
  • Collect fees in cash, issue receipts as necessary and submit to HC OPSA post visit


  • Registered with Singapore Nursing Board
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience working in Medical/surgical ward in Acute setting OR geriatric experience in community hospital setting.
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Possess good learning attitude in learning and receiving feedback
  • Able to make good clinical judgements regarding patient care and care givers’ competencies
  •  Has a keen interest in supporting End of Life care for homebound seniors