Staying positive and motivated

“All the doctors, nurses and therapists; everyone was very good!” To Mr Rahman, his second admission to St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) had been nothing short of excellent.  

In June 2023, the 77-year-old was transferred to SLH for stroke rehabilitation care. With underlying health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and previous experiences of stroke, Mr Rahman tries to maintain a balanced lifestyle. He never expected to get a stroke for the third time, this time paralysing his right hand and leg, and limiting his mobility and speech. 

Despite the setback, he remained positive. A firm believer in “helping yourself before others can help you”, Mr Rahman diligently completed the daily balance and walking exercises assisted by the rehab team. Motivated to help himself, he practised transferring from different surfaces and performing activities of daily living like dressing himself with minimum assistance. Slowly but surely, he regained his strength. 

After one month, Mr Rahman was able to walk short distances with a mobility aid, such as crossing curbs and climbing stairs, and his mood and confidence also improved greatly. “His positive mindset and strong motivation to do tasks himself have helped him accomplish his rehab targets to prepare him for discharge”, said Occupational Therapist Charmaine Neo and Physiotherapist Fidelis Anne Lim. 

Spending most of his days in the ward, he appreciated staff checking in at different parts of the day, and even taking note of his love for music and singing. “The nurses will turn on my favourite radio station Class 95 every morning, and there are also music therapy sessions after lunch,” Mr Rahman recalled. Feeding the fish at the hospital’s Koi Pond was also something he enjoyed, especially when his family visited. 

After his discharge, the retiree looks forward to simple pleasures such as meeting with friends at the nearby market for coffee. Mr Rahman continues to hold his gratitude to SLH close to his heart, sharing “I would like to contribute back to SLH in one way or another in the future.”