Construction supervisor Toh Boon Beng, 56, was at work when he suddenly collapsed. When he regained consciousness in an acute hospital, he could not move the right side of his body. He had suffered a stroke. A father of three daughters, Boon Beng felt his world had collapsed and totally lost self-confidence. If he could not work, what would happen to his children?

Boon Beng transferred to St Luke’s Hospital for inpatient rehabilitation. When he managed to lift his arm, he was moved to tears. He also received a subsidy from the hospital to lower his healthcare bill.

After discharge, Boon Beng continued his rehabilitation at St Luke’s Hospital Day Rehabilitation Centre. This helped him regain strength and mobility. From being able to take just a few steps, Boon Beng was able to walk 300 metres on his own. He attributes his progress to good
rehabilitation. “Sometimes, when I’m not able to do the exercises, I would blame myself. The therapists would modify the exercises and encourage me so that I’m able to do them,” said Boon Beng.

One therapist even helped Boon Beng sleep better, using a treatment to reduce dizziness. At that time, he felt giddy whenever he lay down and had trouble sleeping. Boon Beng said, “With better sleep, my mood was better and I was able to participate more in the exercises.”

Boon Beng is also thankful to his wife, a homemaker. He said, “Throughout this period, my wife has never left my side. It still brings tears to my eyes sometimes when I think about how she has been supporting me all this while.” He looks forward to the day when he can go with his family again to East Coast Park, where his daughters love to swim.

Toh Boon Beng practises walking and balancing with his physiotherapists. Photo
taken before “circuit breaker”.