From Hopeless To Hopeful

Once thinking of ending her life, Vickoria Daniel was able to look pass her own adversities and saw that “God could still use her to encourage other patients”.

A small cut on her heel led to a deeply infected wound and months of hospitalisation for Vickoria Daniel. The once active 60-year-old deteriorated in health a few years ago and had to go for dialysis three times a week. Despite that, she ultimately needed an amputation. In a span of three months, she lost her right leg (below knee) and all toes on her left foot. She felt her world collapse.

Vickoria had a tearful video call with her daughter. She told her, “Why do you want me to live long and suffer? What can I do now without my leg?”

A Christian, she also spoke honestly with God, asking Him for direction.

Post-surgery, Vickoria was admitted to St Luke’s Hospital. The hospital’s Pastoral Counsellor, David Foo, met with her regularly to encourage and pray with her. She said, “The sessions gave me the chance to share my feelings, receive affirmation and made me realise that I’m not alone.”

Vickoria’s mood improved, her positivity surprised many and won her many friends in the ward. She became their motivator to see possibilities. Vickoria now treasures her life and believes, “If God takes care of the birds in the air, He will also take care of us, His children.” She hopes to return home soon to be with her family and friends.