The Art Of Happiness

Roop Singh, 73, transferred to St Luke’s Hospital after surgery in an acute hospital. Being a diabetic, he needed care for his wound and therapy to aid his mobility.

His presence and skill has brightened up the ward. He loves painting, and the activity keeps him happy. He created a wall of over 20 hand-drawn pieces of artwork by his bedside, using materials provided by his daughter. His therapists brought him additional art materials.

“It all started with a painting of a rooster,” he said. That was the first painting he stuck on the wall beside his hospital bed. His nurses saw it. Instead of asking him to take it down, they encouraged him. He is glad his nurses helped to put up his other artwork on the wall.

His artwork has also generated interest and friendship among other patients in his ward. He said, “This is my passion. I can see my artwork every time I lie down on my bed. It makes me feel motivated and inspired about what I could paint next.”

 Roop Singh brings happiness with his wall of art in his ward at St Luke’s Hospital. His nurses told him, “This doesn’t feel like a hospital, it feels like an art museum!”