Therapeutic Sciences: Stroke Rehabilitation For Therapy Assistant (Basic)

Course objectives:

This course will provide therapy assistant/aide the opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge of stroke rehab and apply physiotherapy and occupational therapy techniques in clinical settings to assist the therapist.

Participants will learn actively through interactive lectures, group discussions, case studies, practical demonstrations and hands-on practice. There will be a competency assessment, both written and practical at the end of the course.

Course Content:

On completion of this course, the participant will be able to

  • Have an overview of stroke care, principles of stroke rehab and neuroplasticity
  • Appreciate patient-centered care model
  • Explain how stroke can affect role and activities in life
  • Able to list the different upper limb and lower limbs movements
  • Identify common compensatory methods in upper and lower limb movement pattern
  • Identify abnormal sitting and standing posture
  • Balance and reactive strategies
  • Exercises for impaired balance
  • Employ principles of closed, modified closed and open chain
  • Concept to train upper limb recovery
  • Carry out basic cognitive and visual perception intervention with proper cues
  • Perform practical skills including:
    • Implement simple balance assessment
    • Perform exercise strategy under the supervision of therapist
    • Safe bed mobility and transfer techniques for different types of stroke patient
    • Basic upper limb and lower limb rehab intervention with proper positioning and handling
    • Range of motion, muscle strength and muscle tone basic assessment
    • Able to assist in common set-ups for upper limb stroke rehab Intervention

Who Should Attend: Support Care Staff (Therapy aide/assistants with at least 1 year of working experience)

Competency Mapping (CCSSF):

  • Transfer Client (Basic I)
  • Perform Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises (Basic II)
  • Perform and Monitor Individualised Therapy Intervention (Basic II)
  • Perform Basic Activities of Daily Living/ Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (BADL/IADL), adapted ADLs Retraining (Basic II)
  • Assist with Client Assessment (Basic II)

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