Triumph Over Adversity at the Heart of Rehabilitation

Denesh’s life took an unforeseen turn when a cryptogenic stroke brought to light a heart defect since birth, Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). 

At the age of 31, Denesh grappled with the aftermath, leaving his left side, including both leg and upper limb, paralysed. Facing an uncertain future and the challenges of rehabilitation, the loss of his ability to walk cast a daunting shadow over his future. 

With unwavering commitment, Denesh attended twice-weekly rehab sessions at the Day Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) over 8 months. Here, he witnessed not only physical recovery but also a mental resurgence. With the therapists’ constant motivation, his daily routine underwent a profound transformation. Now, he adeptly moves around and engages in activities once deemed insurmountable. 

To uplift Denesh’s spirits by reconnecting him with past joys such as cycling and playing pool, therapists resolved to reintroduce these passions during rehabilitation. Their mission was clear—to dismantle the mental barriers rooted in the wake of the stroke. Guided by therapists twice a week, Denesh found himself back at the pool table and on the bicycle, reminiscent of days past. While full recovery lingered on the horizon, Denesh maintained a positive outlook, believing that with hope and ongoing rehabilitation, it was an achievable goal. His ultimate hope is to walk unaided. 

Expressing his gratitude, Denesh shared, “The therapists here, especially Swen, Senior Occupational Therapist took the time to understand my struggles and empathise. They knew about my past hobbies and managed to incorporate them into my recovery. This meant so much to me as it slowly dismantles the mental hurdles I faced. I was initially very anxious and uncertain about what’s to come, but I have learned how to take things one step at a time.” 

Denesh’s wife added, “Initially, we were considering a rehab centre closer to home for convenience. However, after discovering SLH rehab’s success stories online, we decided to give SLH a try. And we made the right decision.”