Truly A Community Hospital

Ooi Teng Boon and his wife have been married for over 40 years. Together, their healthcare needs have been taken care of by St Luke’s Hospital (SLH) for more than 10 years.

It began when Teng Boon suffered a stroke in 2006. His mood and morale plunged, and his family felt an equal sense of helplessness.

At that time, their son, then a university student, often visited his father at SLH. Teng Boon’s wife, Belinda, recalls how the nurses often stopped by to reassure her son. She recounts, “The nurses would tell him “Don’t worry, we will take care of him!’

Teng Boon, now 71, survived the ordeal and regained physical mobility through rehabilitation. He decided to stay on with SLH for his outpatient medical consultations and was followed up by A/Prof Tan Boon Yeow.

Besides being Teng Boon’s family physician, A/Prof Tan has become like family to them. This was also why Belinda subsequently chose to be followed up at St Luke’s Community Clinic for her own medical conditions as well.

She says, “If the doctor is caring, it really makes a difference (to your health). His words carry more weight and you will listen to what he says.” She has recognised the improvement in both her and her husband’s health.

A/Prof Tan’s thoughtfulness also warmed their hearts. He would arrange for Teng Boon and Belinda’s appointments to be on the same day for their convenience. When he found out that Teng Boon had not received his COVID-19 vaccination, he immediately scheduled a slot for him.

When A/Prof Tan was promoted to CEO of SLH, Teng Boon and Belinda were delighted and proud of his achievements, just like how they would feel towards a family member. “We felt that it would be a blessing for the hospital and her patients,” Belinda says.

The couple feels welcome each time they visit the clinic as “the staff treat us like their personal friend”. Teng Boon explains, “They greet us, call us by our name, and serve us with kindness and care. Their attitude has made SLH unique and truly a community hospital.”