Wound Course (Basic)

Course objectives:

A wound neglected is a wound infected. Join this course to be equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in wound care, so as to provide holistic wound care for patients.

  • Gain skills in wound assessment and evidence-based knowledge in wound management technique.
  • Be up to date on the latest wound care products.
  • Be empowered to provide holistic wound care for patients

Course Content:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the skin
  • Effects of ageing on the skin
  • Common skin disorders among the elderly
  • General skin assessment of patient
  • Skin tear stages and management
  • Skin excoriation
  • Risk assessment and management of pressure injury
  • Introduction to wound care products
  • Applying appropriate wound dressing
  • Case presentation on skin tear and pressure injury

Who Should Attend:

Registered Nurse, Enrolled Nurses, Support Care Staff (Nursing Aides)

Competency Mapping (CCSSF):

  • Perform Wound Care

For Enquiry, please contact us at: slcwcadmin@stluke.org.sg (6895 2782)