Wound Debridement

Course objectives:

Wound bed preparation is essential to aid in wound healing process. The removal of non-viable tissue from wound bed is a fundamental aspect of wound care. However, conservative wound debridement can only be undertaken by experienced and trained healthcare providers.

Equip registered nurses involving in wound care with advanced knowledge and skills to perform wound debridement.

Course Content:

  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of viable and non-viable tissues and structures in wound care.
  • Recognize anatomical structures and types of tissue commonly seen in sharp debridement.
  • Explain how to utilize appropriate debridement modalities to facilitate the phases in physiology of wound healing.
  • Identify the types of debridement modalities.
  • State the indications and contraindications according to the types of debridement modalities.
  • Describe the preparation of sharp wound debridement process.
  • Demonstrate sharp debridement techniques.
  • Evaluate and document treatment using sharp debridement.
  • Discuss the legal implications and policy and procedures related to sharp debridement.


Who Should Attend:

Registered Nurses, Doctors

Competency Mapping (CCSSF):

  • Perform Wound Care
  • Assess Wound Progress

Course Fee
: $730.00

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