Patient Care Assistant (Inpatient)


  • Maintain a safe and clean environment for patients.
  • Provide safe and competent care to her patients under her charge.
  • Chaperon patient for appointment and transfer.
  • Assist in the following areas:
    • Basic hygiene and personal grooming
    • Handle and transfer
    • Feeding (oral and tube)
    • Admission and discharge
    • Elimination
    • Collect specimens
    • Maintain a safe and clean environment
    • Make beds
    • Take and record vital signs
    • Record intake and output
    • Collect specimens
    • Assess skin, perform cleaning and changing of patients
    • Turn, position, lift and transfer patients using right body mechanics
    • Assist senior nurse or doctor in examination and procedures
    • Assist in oral feeding
    • Assist in any other nursing procedures as trained


  • GCE ‘N’ / ‘O’ level with ITE Skills Certificate in Healthcare or WSQ Higher Certificate in Healthcare (Nursing Care).
  • Preferably with 1 year of clinical experience.
  • Able to work 3-rotating shift.